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Parish Leadership and Membership Epiphany Retreat

With The Rev. Canon Charles LaFond

Saturday, January 29, 2011
10 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.
St. Thomas’ Parish

St. Thomas’ Parish is thrilled to host an all-parish retreat led by the Rev. Canon Charles LaFond, the Canon for Congregational Development from the diocese of New Hampshire.

The word “disaster” comes from two words: “Dis” (without) and “astron”(A star).  It was formed in the middle ages out of the Epiphany story. The idea was that the wilderness John was talking about was the dis-astron – the wilderness of being without a star to guide us.

What is your wilderness?  Can you spare part of a day to find the star?

Jesus comes to us as the savior, pinpointed by a star in his stable then and by love and wellness today. But we still limp in our own wildernesses: over-work, exhaustion, idols of sex, alcohol, work, wealth, co-dependent friendships, possessions … the lists go on.

This retreat begins with the speed and activity of life and considers ways to slow down and to simplify.  In no way is this a manifesto against technology or active living – it simply asks how much should we be doing and how fast should we be moving.  The retreat considers how speed and business can be anesthetizing to the work of healing and also considers the place of discernment and discretion in considering what we are each and what we are collectively called to do.

We will discuss various types of life management and spiritual disciplines which can assist us with the modeling we choose to do as Christians in living balanced, centered, focused and mission-driven lives.

This Epiphany Retreat helps attendees to consider the way we make decisions in the context of a belief that God has an opinion about what we do and say and speaks through the Holy Spirit.

  • How do we hear God?
  • How do we decide between what is our ego talking and what is God’s voice?
  • Once we have heard a call, what are the ancient truths about slowing down, listening for God, and making good decisions?
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