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Exciting Guest Preachers for 2011

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Beginning this past October 31st, St. Thomas’ Parish initiated an exciting guest preaching/presiding schedule for Sunday mornings.  This initiative is an expression of the high value we have long placed on providing a generous pulpit of welcome and hospitality.  It also embodies our commitment to greater diversity in the faces of leadership in our community.

Our first guest preacher/celebrant was on Oct. 31st, The Rev. Janice Robinson, former rector of Good Shepherd, Silver Spring and the current chaplain of the Bishop’s Search Committee.   She was followed on November 28th by The Rev. Bill Doggett.

The 2011 lineup of guest preachers and presiders at the Eucharist are:

  • January 23rd – The Rt. Rev. Michael Creighton, Retired
  • January 30th – Canon Charles LaFond, Canon for Congregational Min. (NH)
  • February 27th – The Rev. Simone Bautista, Canon for Latino Ministries
  • March 27th -  The Rev. Preston Hannibal, Canon for Academic Ministries
  • May 29th – The Rev. Kim Baker, Chaplain – Washington Episcopal School
  • June 6th – The Rev. Mpho Tutu, Director of Institute for Peace & Reconciliation
  • June 26th – The Rev. Mary Sulerud, Canon for Deployment & Vocational Ministry

More information will be provided about each preacher prior to their day with us.  We are proud to give worshipers at St. Thomas’ Parish this chance to hear some of the best preaching that can be heard today in the Episcopal Church.  Please join us and bring a friend (or two!).

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